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African Art
African Art does not have specific date to which it evolved because most early African Art was carved in wood, which perished quickly. This is why most art dates from the 19th and early 20th century. Many 20th century artists admired and collected pieces of African Art. They enjoyed the bold color, expression, and form that produced a new beginning in art history. African Art was mostly dedicated to life affirming activities such as healing, pleasure, protection, and transformation.
The first African Art that made a sustained impact on Europe occurred with the bronze casing and ivory seized in 1897 by the British Royal Army. It was then that African Art began to become in demand, and seen by all areas of the world. Recently, archaeological explorations have become the main contributors of African Art history. African Art is continuously evolving although the rate of change has varied from time to time and place to place. A specific word for art did not exist in languages of most traditional African people.
Instead, they used a word to describe the making of the object. African Art as been tied to political and religious aspects. Some secular objects existed, but most are prestige, or objects that functions in communing with a supernatural power. There are many different forms of African Art, but the main forms include Masks show a wide range of design and subject matter. They are mostly based on naturalistic human forms or interpretations.
Some are placed on the top of the head, while others rest on the shoulders. Many masks are decorated with beads, wigs, human hair, and earrings. Some cultures paint faces instead of wearing masks. Some mask types include ancestral, sacrificial, avenging, protection, peace-mak...

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...ntry. Secondly, artists are beginning to deal more with fantasy and dream like subjects.
This allows for a wide variety of subjects and imagination. Because of all the unique aspects of African Art, more and more people are now becoming fascinated with Africa and its history. Soon it will be seen in the homes of many individuals for decoration, and its brilliance will continue to grow. Africa is a mysterious place and the art of this country is one that will survive the test of time, and the beauty of its art will be seen for years to come.

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