African And The Modern African American Essay

African And The Modern African American Essay

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The question is asked, would it be correct to suggest that Africa, as a continent and as an idea, holds no meaning African Americans, and the answer is yes. African and the modern African American have little to no connection at all. To the average African American individual born and raised in the United States of America, Africa is just an idea misconstrued by various Eurocentric images and ideas. Ideas to some extent summed up in the concept of the dark continent. The fact of the matter is that from the time Africans were transported from Africa to the then colonies, the culture and identity of the African was on attack with the objective to erase it from their minds. And now in 2015 society allows no place for Africa, the continent or concept, to hold profound meaning to those of the black community.
From the time that Africans were taken from Africa to the moment of death those in control of their lives seemed to strip them of their identity. The desire was to break the slave, because only when broken would the slave serve the master in a state of content. This state of mind could only be achieved by bleaching the individual of who they were. To accomplish this there needed to be a replacement of who they were when free, for whom they were to be while in bondage. Slave owners looked to do this on three fronts: the changing of names, separating families, and looking to force the adoption of a scrued version of Christianity. These methods, among others were used to create this distance of Africa, in the minds of the slaves. And if many of those who had the most direct connection to Africa were stripped of Africa, what meaning could Africa have to the average modern African American now.
There is so much in a name. A name c...

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...le desire to return, even if they could discover the nation, tribe, or village from which their forefathers had been uprooted. Their destiny was to be in a place where, for many decades, they had no rights which the white man was bound to respect.” And this is the reality of the situation. From the times of slavery to now, there is barely a true, remnant left. A nation of people that have no real, meaningful concept of Africa. As the generations progressed, the meaningful concept of Africa diminished. With a society set up to oppress and destroy the African American, and a black culture generally shaped by rap and it’s media influence. A generation that fails to be aware, and care about the world around them. This breed of African American as a result of many years of manipulation, is at the point where Africa, as a continent and as an idea, holds no meaning to them.

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