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Christina Miedema
GE 135. 3251
April 14, 2014

1) Carefully examine Figure 7.30, Figure 7.35, and Figure 7.36, pay especially close attention to scale and note the changing borders of Israel and the competition for sacred space in this region. View the following videostreams and discuss the difficulties of achieving peace. Is a two-state solution a viable option? (Chapter 7)
2) Explain the history and development of its policies, in addition to characteristics of its natural environment, which make South Africa distinctive from other countries in the region. (Chapter 6) South Africa, widely known for apartheid, has a unique history. It was originally one of the first states to be colonized. But , the original Dutch settlers, called Afrikaners, were taken over by the British in 1806. Tensions increased between the settlers there, especially when all of the natural resources were realized. Eventually, South Africa gained its freedom from the British but white settlers continued to settle there.
In 1910, it became one of the first countries to declare its political independence from Europe. But, the racial tensions and segregation kept South Africa from becoming a truly free country. Because of the past heavy colonial power, Southern Africa was home to 250,000 white residents who did not want to hand their power back over to the Africans. An official policy called apartheid, implemented by the Afrikaner’s National Party in 1948, was established. Apartheid was a series of laws to encourage separation between white, coloured, black and Indian. Under these laws, South Africa became the only African state dominated by whites. The blacks and minorities were discriminated against and given very few privileges, even though they wer...

... middle of paper ... differ culturally, politically, and economically, and what are the prospects for development in each? Can any of these countries learn from the successes (or failures) of one of the others? (Chapter 13)
Southeast Asia is an extremely diverse region, ranging from highly globalized city-states like Singapore, to low developed countries like Burma.
The greatest success story of Southeast Asia lies in Singapore, a city-state who has transformed itself over the past 50 years.
Laos, a landlocked country between Vietnam and Thailand, is stuck in the recovery stages of a post-communist country.
Although Burma is one of the least developed countries in the region, they have a large amount of natural resources. Most of its conflict stems from the decades of war

10) What are the benefits and liabilities of Australia’s economic linkages with China? (Chapter 14)

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