African Americans With Hiv : Aids Essay

African Americans With Hiv : Aids Essay

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African Americans with HIV
Black lives matter as there are specific problems that is happening in the African American communities far more rapidly than expected or anticipated. The brunt of the impact of HIV has taken over the African American population due to complex set of social, individual and environmental factors. The virus HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) and the clinical syndrome called AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) have remain a social phenomenon over many decades (Rowan, 2013). HIV/AIDS is the number one cause of death in African American, both males and female and it continues to be a devastating epidemic within the population. With such alarming percentage of blacks with HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) in comparison to any other racial or ethnic group, the call to action is to address the health crisis through prevention/intervention. Therefore eradicating the misconception or myth in the black communities of how HIV is transmitted is very important, as HIV can happen to anyone.
African Americans make up 12% of the United States population. Yet, as a group, they are 50% living with HIV. They are the number one group that are affected by this life taking disease and the number one cause of death for HIV/AIDS. Blacks have the most severe burden in disparity to other racial or ethnic groups. According to the author, a study in 2006, 45 percent of new HIV infection were found in Blacks. For women, Black women, the rate of new HIV infection was almost fifteen times as high as that of White women and nearly four times as that for Latino women. African American men are six times as high as that for White men and three times as that for Latino men, and twice for Black woman (Rowan, 2013). In 2010, the new H...

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...rugs and from sharing needles. Women who use no non-injection drugs are greater risk of acquiring the virus sexually, especially if they trade sex for drugs. A better integrated prevention and treatment services for men and women are needed across the board, including the prevention and treatment of other sexual transmitted disease and substance abuse with access to antiretroviral therapy.
The call for action by Heightened National Response (HNR) have provided a comprehensive program in fighting HIV crisis with the Africans American population. HRN have develop four main goals to expand HIV prevention outreach, Increase opportunities for HIV diagnosis and treatment, develop new effective prevention intervention, and mobilize broader community action (Rowan, 2013). Programs that are proven effective funds are given to expand prevention programs for African American

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