African Americans: The Cultural Norms vs. The Group Counseling Experience

African Americans: The Cultural Norms vs. The Group Counseling Experience

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African Americans in general avoid counseling of any form and group counseling is no exception to the rule. There are several cultural factors that play a part in framing this rule for African Americans, but the major issues are religion and spirituality, dealing with family and personal business according to what the culture deems acceptable and prejudices both held by African Americans and their concern over the prejudices of others toward them. Unfortunately as a result of the close-minded nature of the culture to counseling and the lack of education regarding the group counseling experience and its many benefits, many African American individuals are left attempting to cope with life’s issues alone.
“Today as we experience the early part of the 21st century, the church remains at the center of community life, attending to the social, spiritual, and psychological needs of scores of African Americans. No other institution has claimed the loyalty and attention of African Americans as has the church” (Lee, 2006, p. 114). An overwhelming majority of African Americans rely solely on their faith and trust in a higher being in times of difficulty and crisis regardless of the nature or extent of the situation. “In traditional African societies, religion/spirituality permeated human existence. An individual’s entire life was spiritual phenomenon. Spirituality was an integral part of a unity principle in which humans, animals, plants, and natural phenomena were interrelated in a natural order with God being the driving force” (Lee, 2006, p. 58). While there is nothing that makes this belief or set of beliefs completely wrong, such practice limits their resources and excludes all other avenues of assistance. Group counseling is one of th...

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