African Americans Soldiers in the Civil War Essay

African Americans Soldiers in the Civil War Essay

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African Americans Soldiers in the Civil War
African Americans helped shape the Civil War from various perspectives. Actually, they were the underlying foundation for the war if you think about it in depth. African Americans were slaves and had been dealt with like property since they arrived in America. The likelihood of opportunity for these slaves created an enormous commotion in the South. The issue of equal rights for African Americans brought on a gap between the states. The United States Civil War began as an effort to save the Union, and ended in a fight to abolish slavery. The Civil War, frequently known as the War Between the States in the United States, which was a Civil War battled from 1861 to 1865, after seven Southern slave states proclaimed their severance and framed the Confederate States of the United States. More Americans died in the Civil War than in World War I, World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War combined. Two thirds of the individuals that were killed in the Civil War died of disease. The medical world at the time of the Civil War and advanced disinfectants, did not exist which could have enormously lessen the spread of disease and illnesses. After years of bloody combat that left over 600,000 soldier’s dead and destroyed much of the South's infrastructure, the Confederacy collapsed, slavery was abolished, & the difficult Reconstruction process of restoring national unity and guaranteeing rights to the freed slaves began. By December 1865 the 13th Amendment had abolished slavery throughout the United States (Waldstreicher).
As an abolitionist and previous slave, Frederick Douglass comprehended that the way to opportunity and full citizenship for African American men walked strai...

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...ortune. There are endless statues, celebrations, books and archival accumulations. The war came at a tremendous cost but the benefits will be everlasting. We lost a considerable amount of daring individuals that day battling for equality. Those individuals that fought in the Civil War will never be forgotten and they will forever be appreciated. There are so many ways that African Americans benefitted from their brave acts. They opened up the door for many African Americans to speak out and step up. Without those courageous African American soldiers risking their lives for freedom, who knows whether the Union could had still won ensuring rights to the liberated slaves. Without their braveness the United States would be in a totally different place than were in today. The Slaves and those who fought in the Civil War will always be appreciated and congratulated.

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