Essay on African Americans Should Be Treated Equally

Essay on African Americans Should Be Treated Equally

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African Americans should be treated equally. Police officer’s reasons to treat us differently are nonessential. Racism, hate, and anger have been present for centuries but black lives do matter, we do not deserve to be treated oddly nor less than humane. We unite as one to fight for our freedom and equality, not seek revenge from the long term history of hurt and pain they caused our ancestors from slave years to now. Though police officers are not getting revenge on us blacks, they are just abusing and killing us because our skin complexion is threatening to them.

Police brutality is the use of excessive force. Due to all the repetition from decades ago, we still experience the same pain. We fear nothing will change. We fear that maybe one day it will be us and our innocent brothers and sisters, praying day-to-day that the racist Justice System has not taken one of our family members. We believe that capitalism thrives on racism.

Aware of the fact, racism is a part of human nature and has always existed, it is an intuition. Speaking for all African Americans, we are threatened and hurt. So much pain followed behind “they were not following instructions, they fled!” Officers fail to think logically; they think while in moment. Instead of chasing the suspect or drawing a Taser, they draw firearms and shoot us. Trained to draw the Taser first, they do the complete opposite as if they are endangered by us. A seminal 1958 Supreme Court case, “Tennessee vs. Garner,” held that the police may not shoot at a fleeing person unless the officer reasonably believes that the individual possess a significant physical danger to the officer or others in the community.

It is the police job to protect the community and us from harm ...

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...uth is due for acceptance and approval.
No place is safe, we cannot hide from the strikes and whips, or any lethal force used against us. African Americans come united as one to not only fight nonviolently but, to be heard. We protest and rant but we are never heard, only abused and shamed in defeat. We should not have to fight for the obligation of freedom, respect, and equality. Those are supposed to be inalienable rights granted to us. Rights that no one could take from us but, they do, as if they never occurred to us. It’s not that all lives don’t matter because, they do, it’s just black lives matter more. We are the broken race of the world that needs to be fixed in order to create wholesome unity, so that all lives could matter. We should all stand for something together instead of dying behind nothing. Black lives do matter, not to many but, to us as a race.

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