African Americans Have The Lowest Prevalence Of Colorectal Cancer Essay

African Americans Have The Lowest Prevalence Of Colorectal Cancer Essay

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African Americans have the lowest colorectal cancer (CRC) screening rates but the highest burden of colorectal cancer in the U.S. In addition African Americans have the highest prevalence of advanced stage colorectal cancer at time of screening. The unfortunate luck of late stage detection as seen in African Americans is that colorectal cancer can be identified in precancerous stages and this particular cancer can be potentially prevented. The objective of this study was to utilize focus groups with African Americans to determine preferences for the content and mode of dissemination of culturally tailored CRC screening interventions.

The recruitment period was in May and June 2013 in which they recruited subjects via online advertising and flyer posted in the VA in the greater Los Angeles area. Individuals had to meet the following inclusion criteria, which were an African American male or female, between the ages of 45-75 years. The authors of the study were looking to recruit an even amount of subjects that had CRC screening and those that were never screened. There were a total of 76 individual that were eligible however only 38 participated in the focus group. Participants also received $50.00 for time and travel.

The participants were separated into 4 groups by gender and CRC screening status. The groups were males that were screened, males that were never screened, females there were screened and females that were never screened. There were a total of 4 focus group sessions, each lasted approximately 120 min. At the beginning of each session a survey was administered to assess knowledge about CRC screening, perception, risk as well as perceived barriers to screening. The authors also had participants rank their...

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...pants. In contrast a few of the limitations are the lack of generalizability, 38 individuals is not a sufficient representation of African Americans across the U.S however it does provide insight towards the right directions in terms of intervention and content CRC. Another limitation was the lack of descriptive characteristics on each of the groups; the author does provide descriptive characteristics on the total participants however I think it would have been interesting to identify differences among those that were screened and not screened for CRC.

Overall I thought this paper provided insightful information that can be used as tool by many in addressing low CRC screening among African American. More importantly the author’s goal to “generate recommendations for future interventions to address CRC screening disparities among African Americans” was achieved.

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