African Americans And The Native Americans Essay

African Americans And The Native Americans Essay

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In King Phillip’s Herds: Indians, Colonists, and the Problem of Livestock in Early New England, Virginia DeJohn Anderson described livestock in early New England, brought over by European colonists and used in the unsuccessful attempt to assimilate the Native Americans, led by King Phillip, into English ways. King Phillip’s bad relations with Indians, stemming from livestock, caused him a title transition from livestock keeper to war leader. The use of livestock by the Native Americans was ineffective to their way of life due to their previous hunting practices, gender roles in society, their spiritual beliefs and practices and land boundaries; causing growing tensions between Native Americans and European settlers during the 1600’s, arguably leading to King Phillip’s War.
Regardless of the adoption of livestock’s ineffectiveness for the Native Americans, they participated willingly to certain aspects of the request, just not to the extent that the English desired. The livestock preference for the Indians were hogs, due to their similarity to dogs, which Indians had already owned previously. The Indians used the hogs for meat, their ability to fend off predators, and could also train them like they could dogs. Swine (hogs) were also primarily used to due to the few adjustments that came along with keeping them as livestock from the native’s previous customs, unlike cattle would. Hogs also had a much higher reproductive rate than cattle did and provided an abundant protein source to the people. One prime example was King Phillips himself, the leader of the Indian tribe, and the dominant figure caught in the middle of these issues relating to livestock specifically. Phillip’s was known to keep his swine on a separate island to keep...

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...hey viewed animals as being very similar to people and not as inferior objects that could be owned. While hunting, the native American’s performed rituals and dues of respect toward the wild animals, this could arguably not be done with domestic ones.
The judicial system of the New England Colony in the 1600’s consistently attempted to keep the land ownership joint by both the European settlers and the Native Americans, with failures escalating to deep tensions between the two societies. Various compromises and unfair measures were attempted, yet failed, in order to assimilate the Indians into the English culture. King Phillips along with other Indians slightly practiced the ownership of livestock, without fulfilling the colonists wishes. Yet this too, created greater tensions among the two distinct societies and arguably led to King Phillip’s war in later years.

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