African Americans And African American Slaves Essay

African Americans And African American Slaves Essay

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Question 2
After two hundred years of slavery, black people were now free from the chains of slavery. In the years following Appomattox, black people had several goals. Ultimately their final goal was to become full citizens of the United States. First and foremost, black people sought to reunite their families that were dispersed throughout the institution of slavery. Also, black people desired to obtain their own land to farm for their family. Lastly, African Americans deeply aspired to have an education, giving them the ability to read and write, and wanting the right to vote along with their newly gained knowledge.
Reuniting Families
After slavery ended, the predominant goal for African Americans would be to reassemble their families (Smith, 29). When the institution of slavery existed, black people were treated as property, and families were completely separated. Although separated, slavery had not completely destroyed the black family (Hine, 242). In African American slave cultures, the family was very important, which helped black slaves endure the barbarisms of slavery (Smith, 29). Accordingly, as soon as African American fathers, mothers, sons and daughters gained their freedom they set out to reunite their families. They went to extensive lengths to find their family that they had lost, with several being unsuccessful. For instance, a northern journalist from North Carolina encountered a black man who had searched far and wide for his wife and children, walking nearly 600 miles, with his efforts being in vain (Hine, 243). Moreover, African Americans with newfound freedom utilized black newspapers to publish ads that would try to find their lost family members. For instance, one of the ads stated “$200 Re...

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...nd Tougaloo in Alabama, primarily focusing on educating teachers (Hine, 252).
In conclusion, after two hundred years of subjugation, African Americans constructed several goals that transformed their society. These goals began with the unification of families, which were tragically scattered throughout the country during slavery. The most important of these goals would be land ownership. During this time, free black people saw their freedom as dependent on, and intertwined with land ownership. Additionally, the right to vote was extremely important, as black people had to overcome laws that impeded their ability to vote. Lastly, founding schools entirely for African Americans offered a drastic change for black people since they now had the capacity to learn how to read and write, which lead to an increased understanding of their own, newly created rights.

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