Essay African Americans And African American Males

Essay African Americans And African American Males

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African American males are looked down upon when it comes to being successful in life. Additionally, some people do not pay attention when African Americans males succeed in college but are only concerned when they failed. People who do not support African American males place all of them in a specific group and look at them as a disgrace. Therefore, some Black males develop habits that result to failing. Demonstrating a lack of motivation, promoting negative stereotypes, and putting all their efforts into athletics are three factors that impede African American males from succeeding at four-year universities.
First, Some African American males that are enrolled in a four-year university, use old tactics from high school, which is putting in little effort. African American males tend to routinely miss their classes which effects responsibilities as a student. Most do not participate in class which makes them become lazy. Once they become lazy their interest in that class it decreases which result them to lose focus on their academic priorities. This action is a negative consequence in regards to their education. According to “James, a 20-year-old business major from the suburbs,” states: “I waited until the last minute . . . and I failed the course” (Palmer, Davis, Hilton 437). The reason why he was unsuccessful was he did not take the advantage of what his school had to offer when a course becomes challenging and the student needs assistance (Palmer, Davis, Hilton 437).

Second, African Americans males promote negative stereotypes. They mimic the negative actions of music artists such as Chief Keef, by degrading women, calling them out of their name, and by promoting the idea that selling and doing drugs will make t...

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...classes gives them an opportunity to participate in class discussions and learning something new. By learning something new they can use it whenever a problem occurs when you need that specific piece of knowledge to solve that problem. After obtaining that knowledge the student’s interest level will increase the value of education and their chances of being successful in college.
In conclusion, African American males cannot be successful in college by demonstrating a lack of motivation, promoting negative stereotypes, and putting all their effort in athletics. If so they will be unsuccessful in life. Some African American males need to be inform how education can be so valuable in today’s world and if you do not take it seriously you will lose your chance on the knowledge you will need in the future. So should African American males take education seriously?

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