African Americans Accepted On Slavery Essay

African Americans Accepted On Slavery Essay

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The idea slavery began in England, raw goods that were shipped from the newly discovered America and we 're taken to England and deported to Africa. The English gave the Africans the raw good and in return, slaves were shipped to America. The cycle continued. Also called "The Triangle Trade". This paper will go into depth and refute three myths that have been made up about slavery. The myths will go as followed in this particular order, the idea that African Americans accepted slavery, slavery was a agricultural institution and slavery was a benign institution. People today have either little or no knowledge of slavery but what they do not understand is that slavery is happening before our very eyes right to this day.

The first myth that will be analyzed is the idea that African Americans accepted slavery. Let 's be honest here, people do not like working for money imagine working every day no weekends, holidays, benefits or health insurance. Today people complain that their boss doesn’t take it easy on them if someone had had the chance to ask a slave what an easy day at work was like they’ll be in for a surprise. Not only did slaves not enjoy their job they tried to revolt a number of times. They did everything in their power to escape their slave masters; people were treated harshly and lived in poor condition. Back before the Civil War if a person had the money back then they lived ok, but slaves were overworked and under treated. Just take the moment to think, How could anyone enjoy being taken forcibly from their home and family, shackled hand and foot and transported with hundreds of others in unsanitary, packed inhumane conditions by ship to a foreign country to be sold to work in terrible conditions with no rights...

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...dless suffering and brutality for African Americans, but it also tore the country apart and led to the Civil War.

In conclusion, two out of the three myths discussed in this paper are indeed true. African American did not enjoy slavery because if they did there wouldn’t have been revolts and resistance. With the thought of how abused African Americans were as a race the self-taught and education themselves to provide a better life for their families and went back to free other slaves, so yes a positive did come from a negative. Although slavery was a terrible event that happened in American history some change came from it without the civil war and integration laws America would be a completely different place through rubble there will change, the destruction America has gone trough in the past is still shaping its future and through time it will only get better.

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