Essay on African American Women 's Struggles For Equality

Essay on African American Women 's Struggles For Equality

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When I registered for topics in women writers, I was actually unaware that the topic this semester focussed on African American writers. I left the first lecture confident that I would enjoy the rest of the course, and eager to begin the readings. Throughout the semester I had the opportunity to read texts written by a variety of impressive women. The texts touch on different important movements, themes, struggles and historical moments. Each author uses their unique perspective and outlook on life as well as their upbringing to create meaningful pieces of work. This course left me with a better understanding of certain times in history and African American women’s struggles for equality. Moreover, this course introduced me to a plethora of women authors and I look forward to reading more of their work. Lastly, this course helped me feel comfortable with talking about certain subjects or confronting people on racist behaviour.
When I read over my eight journal entries from the semester I definitely notice some changes in the writing and content. I think at first I was comfortable with only summarizing the readings and commenting on the stylistics of the writing, rather than writing about the important themes or connections. A few weeks into the course I began noticing recurring themes of kinlessness, passing, shadism, and others in the readings. This is due to learning about these themes in class, and therefore noticing them while reading. I had never learned about African American women passing or notions such as hypodescent. When the course began I could not notice these recurring themes, because I had no idea what they were. As the weeks went on, and the more I read, I realized that these themes or notions are not specific t...

... middle of paper ... course, I felt I did not know enough about slavery or African American history to share an opinion or join in on certain conversations. Now, I am more confident to voice my opinion or share what I have learned from the texts and lectures.
I can see the evolution of my thinking in my journal entries, and the ability to share an idea or thought. As mentioned earlier, I think at first I was nervous about writing on certain topics, but as I read more and joined in on the discussions in class I gained confidence to share my thoughts. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the different texts and attending class. This course not only helped me improve my close reading skills, but also taught me a tremendous amount of African American history. The journal entries allowed me to make connections between the readings and reflect upon certain themes and styles of writing.

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