Essay on African American Women : African Americans

Essay on African American Women : African Americans

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When it comes to African Americans, women have always been an imperative part of our culture and our history. Over the course of history, African American women were frequently hated and shunned not only by the color of their skin but for having “nappy” hair and/or a large buttocks which in a sense puts us at the bottom of that hierarchy. When it comes to other races, people with straight hair or without a big butt were more commonly accepted as beautiful or more likely to be accepted before African Americans. As African Americans continue to progress as a people, black women are becoming more powerful and learning to embrace their once shunned characteristics. Black women are growing to embrace their character so heavily other cultures are starting to emulate black culture.
In the song “don’t touch my hair” Solange refers to her hair as a crown. In African American culture we take pride in our hair, especially African American women. Due to the fact that the quality of your hair and your hair style pretty much represents you as a person, hair is taken very seriously. For example, in the song “Don’t touch my hair” Solange says “Don’t touch what’s there when it’s the feelings I wear.” What she means is don’t play or mess with her hair because in doing that you are playing around with or messing with her feelings. I believe she is implying hair is an imperative part of her culture which is black culture. Solange also says “Don 't touch my soul when it 's the rhythm I know. Don 't touch my crown they say the vision I 've found don 't touch what 's there when it 's the feelings I wear.” Solange subtly but heavily implies that a black woman’s hair is a form of an extension her being and also a declaration of her Bl...

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... When it comes to “trying to be black” African American women have been one of the most if not the most heavily emulated races within the last decade. For example, there was an instance in which one of the leaders of a predominantly African American organization, the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) pretended to be African American to feel accepted or be accepted. Laura Italiano of the New York post had this to say about the lady who faked like she was African American “Rachel Dolezal — the outspoken, occasionally race-baiting president of the NAACP’s office in Spokane, Wash. — is only pretending to being black, say her Caucasian parents, who are waving her birth certificate and a stack of blonde,

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