African American Woman Has Her Mouth Covered Essay

African American Woman Has Her Mouth Covered Essay

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This image says a thousand or more words. This African American woman has her mouth covered. I interpret that meaning is that we as African Americans have been silenced. When it comes to our issues being heard or the problems we have the majority ignores us and leaves us silent. And then looks confused when there are uproars caused because people of color want to defend their rights.
This picture talks about of how when the words black lives matter that you are not really heard. The tape shows how her voice is being silenced. It’s over her mouth so it’s safe to say that she is not able to communicate this. She seems to be young, but aware of the issues that come along with the statement black lives matter.
I find this image very relatable. Because of the mere fact that i 'm an African-American female. Which is one of the biggest burdens in the world I feel like. Especially if you 're a mother because the is a constant fear you child could get killed. Due to the fact some races have it out for People of Color. Especially if you 're black. You have to for warn your children on a natural hatred on you.
You can’t help but to be sad with a situation like this. Because you have to play with the cards you 're dealt with. Its frustrating feeling like the world is always out to get you. Or that one step forward is like three steps back. Meaning the little progress that was made is always being taken away.
When I wrote this I wanted everyone to be able to understand the issue at hand. Which is black people being able to live. Not having to live in fear because other races feelings on something they can 't a grasp on. Or for the people who are aware of the situation and do nothing to change it. Instead of remaining in the ignorance is...

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...n be advocated for. It also helps people know if the issues that the people in the black community face. It’s even applicable to a person of color.
And the phrase “ Black Lives Matter” is said they are talking about the way black lives are deprived from our basic rights as a person, and our dignity as well. So it’s working for a world where a black life are not systematically and intentionally targeted for demise. They affirm black people’s contribution to society, our humanity, and our persistence through deadly oppression.
That’s why I am really fond of black lives matter. It’s a way of bringing the black community together. A lot of times in society of black people don’t like to see each other prevail. So it’s nice knowing that people are trying to be united, and stand for each other. And motivate us to work together. For a cause that will help America in general.

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