African American Rights in The United States Essay

African American Rights in The United States Essay

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The African-American Civil Rights Movement
By the late nineteenth-century, did people gain the natural rights they fought for at the beginning of our course? How did nineteenth-century thinkers and activists continue to fight for or against natural rights? Did they seek to expand those rights to more groups? Did other thinkers or projects continue to reject natural rights?
Goal: Trace the evolution of enlightened ideas in new circumstances using class materials.

Process: Take a stance on the question. Choose your two topics and documents (an outline can help). Start writing. In your introduction, provide a basic definition of "natural rights" (and what liberties are included), but don’t write a history of the Enlightenment. Take a stance (thesis). State what topics you will use to illustrate your argument (topic statement).

In the body of that paper, make sure each paragraph builds your argument. In each example, explain whether and how your example addresses the argument. How does your topic relate to the issue of natural rights? How does the author work to support, expand, or reject natural rights? Be specific.

When using your sources, name the document and briefly identify your author, noting when and where he or she lived. Place each in any historical context that will help your reader understand his or her beliefs and actions. Then, summarize the main points the author makes. Explain what political or social problems (or changes) your author responds to in this piece. Use one quotation from your author's document to illustrate your answer. End by explaining whether his or her ideas were accepted (or popular) or rejected. Did their activism lead to action and po...

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...o be the most successful. Throughout this period in time schools, public places and other everyday places gradually but surely became incorporated.
The principal and the most famous boycott during the civil rights movement was the Montgomery Bus Boycott, after which buses were ultimately integrated and black people were allowed to drive buses. This was a boycott in which all blacks and even some whites declined to use the bus system. The boycott a year. In the end, because of the capital loss, the buses develop into integrated and there were black drivers for black routes.
The civil rights movement was certainly momentous to our growing as a nation.
America has moved toward a extended way in terms of integrating over the past years. Minorities all have equal rights and while there still is bigotry today it is a lot a reduced amount than there was back then.

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