African American Of The Black Population Essay

African American Of The Black Population Essay

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For centuries the pilot of the black population has been in terminal as it relates to education, work, pay and basic life-style. We have had to fight for all of rights, even though we have created some many things that have made American great. Without the sweat of African Americans, American would not be the great country that is its.
In order to ensure that there were some equalities for African American’s organizations within the African American communities were created to fight for rights to votes, rights to ride the bus, rights for fair pay and rights to access to education. If it was not for the creation of many of these programs who knows where African Americans would be today. Famous programs such as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and Black Student Association (BSU) and Greek organizations. Each of these organizations are pivotal in African American society today. There have been many debates as to the relevance of these organizations. There is some, even in the African American community that might feel that these organizations are not need or not relevant for the 21 century. However, given the current situation with violence against African American males and the slogan “Black Lives Matter”, these organizations are still relevant and needed more than ever.
Things are not what they should be like. They should be that everyone should just be able to get along. The violence is unnecessary. Each these organizations should be upfront and working to address these issues just as they did in the 1960s and 1970s with the Civil Rights Movement. For example, the NAACP has filed lawsuits in various states where the shooting and killing of African American males has occurred.

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...itical for all three of these organization is involvement. If a person is involved they are more likely to be engaged in their community and school and not have time for nonsense. They are learning the importance of community, leadership and being a role model for the younger generation. The outcome of participation is the reward of being a good citizen and staying out of trouble. These organizations provide you with life-long connections that you can use to better yourself.
In conclusion, it is unbelieving to belief that these organizations are not more prominent in the African American community. Every African American should be involved in either of these organizations at some point in their life. The benefit and insight that they will receive will change their perspective and the need to continue to educate and advocate for the African American community.

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