African American Literature : Realism, Naturalism, And Modernism Period Essay example

African American Literature : Realism, Naturalism, And Modernism Period Essay example

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African American literature has expanded and developed over a series of time periods in which the particular writings reflected some aspects of Black lives. What’s most admirable about African American literature is the consistency throughout the periods to convey a message of strength and encouragement for blacks. One of the most important writing periods in literature history is the realism, naturalism, and modernism period which expanded over twenty years from the 1940’s to the 1960’s. Realism, as it relates to literature, is creating pieces of writings that accurately reflects the world as it is. Urban realism showed black lives at it really was. Sometimes this may result in brutal very detailed stories. Naturalism has more of a philosophical aspect to literature. While it still depicts black lives in details, this literature evaluates the driving factors for the environment as well as the cyclical nature of poverty. Finally, modernism is expresses the same emotions and feelings about black societies without the straightforwardness seen in the former two. Another important time period for black literature was the Black Arts Era. Dating from 1960 to 1975, this particular era aimed at embracing the African American community and the culture and music that comes with it. Most of the writings during this time called for blacks to unite as one and embrace themselves; not to fall back into the hands of society and the white man. Then, the contemporary period can be dated from the 1960’s to the present. Throughout African American literature in general, there are similarities in the overall themes of stories and poems in which many African Americans can relate to within all three time periods. From the Naturalistic era, Richard Wrigh...

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...e more lines in the story that points back to the African American culture, especially dealing with religion. Martha’s mother asked her, “You gon marry this one?”, suggesting that marriage is honorable as mentioned in the bible. Most, if not all, black people can relate to the struggle of breaking free from the generational mold of religious practices based on the bible. The black family has history with connecting spiritually with God, dating back to slavery time. In relations to having children, black people understand the idea of having children at a young age, even getting married at a young age. This is what each piece of writing has in common overall. It relates to black people in different avenues depending on how one interprets the writings. Nevertheless, each time period called for a uniquely type of writing style that could speak to the people of that era.

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