Essay on African American High School Students

Essay on African American High School Students

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saying they don’t get enough credit for raising their child. Lorde et al (1993) finished it off by proving that the way a son is raised determines if he or she is going to have a successful future. In the following paragraphs, I will be explaining and disproving society’s stereotypical view of African Americans.
African American high school adolescents believe that schooling is a must. Johnette Atkinson McCain (2013) did a study of 8 African-American high school students who are participating in an early college academy program. Using the sociocultural theory, the negotiations of these students were explored as they try to find their own identity in this society. Findings of this study show the students strong attractions for their academic identity. All eight participants enjoy school and believe that attending school and having an outstanding performance is non-negotiable for a successful future in the world. The participant of this study recalls when they were being discriminated against because they want to take part in the early college program, but they put race aside when thinking about their own academic achievement because they consider the race having no bearing on their educational successes. This type of mindset of young African-American students will only shine light into the dark mind of other African-Americans blame their educational failure on race. Then society can see that not all African Americans are like the stereotypical image they are shown to be. My little brother is a very smart person, but I always tell him I’m smarter than him when in reality he’s smarter. He got accepted into every Ivy League school in the nation. He also believes that school is very important when it comes to the way we sha...

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.... Lorde (1993) et al disproved the stereotype of Blacks not having interests in school. Till (2013) informed the audience that not all African American fathers are “dead beat” like society make them seem. The effect shows can have on the way police react to the way African-Americans are treated when it comes to drug charges. Also when an African-American does something positive in the community, nobody wants to recognize it, but when they do something bad, the nation wants to react. It’s very fascinating how the African American race turn that around to their favor and make something good out of it. For a race to take a theory that goes again them and use it in their favor is something to envy. Social Identity Theory is something that could relate to any situation in our everyday life because we put individuals into categories without even thinking about it.

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