The African American Firefighter Museum Essay

The African American Firefighter Museum Essay

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The African American Firefighter museum is now considered the only African American Firefighter museum in the whole United States. That really got my attention to write my essay about this unique museum. As I used to live in Egypt before living here, I visited a lot of museums there, and I really liked them. That made me curious to know more about museums here. When I searched the internet for the museums, the African American Firefighter museum was one of the most standing ones in the United States. It is located in Los Angeles city in South Central Avenue. The museum was formed at one of the historic fire stations at which some firefighters were segregated, instead of the fire station number 30.The museum is composed of more than 1 floor that indicates and clarifies the efforts done by the African American firefighters during that time. On the second floor, there is a gallery that contains pictures that talk about those firefighters, and also some artifacts. On the first floor, there is some fire apparatuses, and pictures and stories that talk about the new ideas and methods done by those firefighters during that time. Not only that, but also there is a tribute in that museum that was done for the firefighters who were injured and killed in the 9/11 attack in New York City. Which was held in the World trade center. These people are considered heroes who sacrificed their lives for others.
The museum shows the history of Los Angeles city in its first 100 years and it also showed the efforts and the situations of the African American Firefighters. The history of that museum started with a story of a black man named Sam Haskins. He was the first African American to be employed in the firemen station in Los Angeles. He was employe...

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...zations can use it too, to make trips and retreats. This museum helped in declaring 2 major problems in our history which are: racism and non-gender equality. I see that this museum and the people who participated in making its history had a significant impact on those 2 problems. The great achievements that were done by the African American women during that time, and in such a hard job shows how great and compassionate they were. It showed how they kept on fighting and working until they achieved their goals and one of them became the president of the fire station. They affected the second problem by what Arnett Hartsfield did when he submitted the picture to the media so racism was fixed and everyone was treated equally, the white firefighter and the African American firefighters. I wish I would go and visit such an amazing that had a great impact on the history.

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