Essay on African American Female Three Systems Of Oppression

Essay on African American Female Three Systems Of Oppression

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Although America is suppose to be the land of the free and opportunity there are instances where individuals are not granted these chances, because of the defined norms it has created. These setbacks have been coined with the term “systems of oppression”, which are systems that empower and privilege some categories of people while disempowering others. Some individuals systems of oppression are more obvious than others, due to their specific race, religion, or even gender. However, every individual deals with moments of feeling superior to others as well as inferior. Throughout my life being an African-American female three systems of oppression that I feel have affected me are sexism, sizeism, and racism.
America is seen as a patriarchal system, where male ideals heavily influence the social norms of society. With this being the case sexism exists, where there is an enforced belief in male dominance and control. According to Pharr, “Women are in an economic, social, and political hierarchy where they are considered subsidiary to men” (Pharr). As I look back at my childhood there were occasions where I was not allowed to do some of the same tasks as my two brothers. It was as if I was expected to portray this specific role and stepping outside of it was forbidden. I was not allowed to do things such as cut the grass, heavy lifting, or even pump the gas, because according to my father they were things a lady should not be doing. This had a significant impact on me, because it made me feel as if my brothers were held to a higher standard in my father’s eyes, while I was expected to fall back letting only my presence be known. Therefore, I felt inferior as an individual and in comparison to my brothers. As I became older I learned h...

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... my driving force to prove them wrong.
Growing up an African-American female I have and will deal with many forces attempting to hold me back from accomplishing my goals. Living in a patriarchal society many of the social norms set are a reflection of the masculine beliefs America holds, such as what a woman should look like in terms of what is appealing to the eye. This also ties into the imbalance of equality between men and women, where again men have the upper hand and shows how their opinion is highly favored. Along with being oppressed due to appearance and gender is race, because although women experience inequities these are typically not the same things between a African-American and Caucasian female. Therefore, analyzing the three systems oppression that have and continue to affect my life there is a relationship and interconnection seen between all three.

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