Essay on African American And Latina Women

Essay on African American And Latina Women

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Movies, magazines, the music industry, and television culture present us with images that communicate ideologies, such as societal position and class, to those that consume them. Popular culture also influences individuals and their perceptions of people of events while also playing an important role in the lives of the modern woman. African American and Latina women are two of the main groups of women that the media not only appeals to, but represents. These ethnic women have become the means to entertain the masses. For women of color, their role according to most people, is to be sexualized and seen as an object of someone’s desire. Their bodies are for the consumption of others and to be taken advantage of. Unlike white women and other ethnic groups, Latina and black women are disproportionately represented. Whenever these two groups are represented in the media, there are usually underlying stereotypes that come across.
American ideals of beauty are based on criteria that minority women are unable to obtain. Black and Latina women are seen as “other” compared to Anglo-female bodies. It is this otherness that makes these women desireable. It can be said that the “dominant representations of Latinas and African American women are predominantly characterized by an emphasis on the breasts, hips, and buttocks” (Guzman & Valdivia 211). While romanticizing the hourglass shape, large breasts, and big buttocks, the sexual desire of these women is highlighted. Sometimes, minority women are unable to adhere to society’s expectations. If that is the case they can become depressed, develop eating disorders, have lower self-esteem, and perform worse at school and work among their peers. They also internalize a sense of inferiority because...

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... to tell their side of the story, and when they do, nobody believes them. Instead, white sexuality is viewed as the good and ideal sexuality, and because these rape victims are not white, chances are they will try their best not to convict anyone for the case. The white sexuality, because it is the respectable sexuality, will be the means for everything else to be compared to.
Popular culture and the media influences consumers and their perceptions on many topics. An important role that the media place is in the lives of the everyday woman. Black and Latina women, are disproportionately represented as groups that entertain masses and to be the object of someone’s desire. Minority women are overly sexualized by the media and the consumers take advantage of it. Unlike white women, there are underlying stereotypes that come about when it comes to black and Latina women.

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