African American And Indian American Essay

African American And Indian American Essay

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The two families that I am going to research are African American, and Indian American. The families have many different things that I will be discussing. In order for me to tell which one had more people, and more problem I have to dig deep into their background, and the roots of their family history. I quote The earliest recorded African and Native American became connected with April 1502, when slaves from Africans were taken to Hispaniola, some of the Africans slaves escaped to Santo Domingo (EBONY) African American person 's were considered to be the black people that walked around with no clothes are just a little skirt without the top. The African American people received their name because Africa is where black people history begin. Understanding about the culture for African American people was a slave and also treated without respect. The reason they were treated that way was because they were owned by someone else and they didn 't have any rights. The life of the Indian American people was there life was a little better, but not too much. The reason they had more rights than the African American was because they came from the family background of the Asian people. This is a big culture because they 're people population consist of 900 million people.
I found out that the Indian American people was one of the culture that have been around for years. But when you read history you would see that it is one of the oldest culture. The Indian American had many different people, but they all had different religious. I also learned that the people 's were from Indian American but they could speak a different language. The peo...

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... norms was to learn how doing school work. They also work in the fields so that they could take care of their families and make sure that they have some kind of support for their family. The reason I know this is because my grandmother told me that African American people life was not good at all. They had to work for everything that they wanted. There life, then isn 't anything like how it is known to the African American people. I would say that the norm life for my culture now is a lot better. The reason it is better is because the African American now are making music, working good job, and also supporting their families with better income.
I really like the way life have change for my family roots. The old roots compared to the new roots are alike, just a little bit and that is they supported there families and took good care of there elderly family member.

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