African American And Hispanic Descent Essay

African American And Hispanic Descent Essay

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When we as people watch the news or read our newspapers, we can see that most of the criminals committing crimes are of African American or Hispanic descent. Being a fan of true crime novels, they even depict more Black male criminals than White males. Are African American males committing more crimes than White males? What factors are involved for Blacks to be more involved in crime? How do African American stereotypes play a role with possible racial profiling from the policing force? Are Blacks treated fairly in the criminal justice system? After much research, I hope to answer these questions and determine if African Americans are the race that is really committing the most crime than Whites, and if racism inside the justice system plays a bigger role than we think.
Much progress has and is currently being made over history for the laws concerning the equal treatment, but this civil rights crisis seems like the criminal system does not follow its own laws. There are more African American males arrested and incarcerated than Hispanic or White males. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics in 2010, the Black male imprisonment rate was 3,074 per 1000,000 U.S. Black males in total. They are incarcerated at seven times higher than Whites (The Sentencing Project, 2012). The Sentencing Project website reports that if the current trends continue, one in three African Americans can expect to spend time in jail or prison. Most of the prison population contains Blacks and Hispanics.
“The majority of crimes are not committed by minorities, and most minorities are not criminals” (Justice on trial, 2012).
Even when arrested with no conviction, Blacks still have the consequences that go along with the process. These include trouble ge...

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...ut it does not stop prosecutors from continuing to do this and they also can give their own reasons for excluding jurors and not be challenged. Jerry Gray, from the New York Times investigated discrimination in the courts (Gray, 1991). His findings included that minorities are less likely to serve on juries and are underrepresented by lawyers. His report also showed that out of 1,129 judges, only 17 were African American.
“The absence of African American males in the legal professio
n creates a climate of hostility and a lack of trust toward the American justice system, which prosecutes
and incarcerates mass numbers of African American males”
(Weatherspoon, 2010). Stereotypes that can be said of African American males are that they are violent, thieves, aggressive, less intelligent, and most of their activities include sex and sports. The media plays a

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