African Aesthetics Of America 's Finest City Essay example

African Aesthetics Of America 's Finest City Essay example

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African Aesthetics in America’s Finest City
I travel with my mother across town to explore and expand our dancing horizons. Several dances are performed throughout the beautiful city of San Diego. We trek across a long road to a red tent, pick up our passes and join the other spectators at our first stop of the day. The seventeenth annual Trolley Dances brings people of all ages, ethnicities, and dance knowledge to one place to experience “America’s Finest City” and some of the city’s most talented performers. Six choreographed pieces dance in various parts of downtown San Diego and Balboa Park. They explore artistic creativity and reach with their music, style, and movement. After the first two performances, we stroll up about a block to the trolley stop, get off at the next stop and catch a bus to take us to Balboa Park. Eleven talented dancers and three live musicians, of multiple ethnicities and ages, entertain a small live audience with an African styled dance in front of the parks’ hundred year-old Moreton Bay Fig Tree. This performance exemplifies many Africanist Aesthetics such as polyrhythm, the aesthetic of the cool and high-effect juxtaposition to bring joy, lightheartedness and happiness to the overall Trolley Dances experience.
Polyrhythm is movement that contains multiple rhythms and in the case of Trolley Dances “Roots, Soul, and Love!”, it is seen at a few specific instances. One woman dressed in black with a blue and green striped skirt comes to the middle of the grassy stage, front and center to perform a mini solo in the halfway point of the routine. Her arms gracefully rotate up and over her head, creating an arc-like picture, several times at an even pace with the live musicians while her legs move at a pace...

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... looked throughout the routine. Trolley Dances exemplifies artistic creativity with their dance styles, movements and music selection. The six choreographed pieces all bring different dance forms and techniques to the table; they all produce their own energy and story. Choreographer Suzanne Forbes-Vierling creates “Roots, Soul, and Love!”, a jubilant performance using multiple Africanist Aesthetics in the middle of Balboa Park. Her eleven dancers and three musicians entertain in such a way that makes you grin ear-to-ear and want to get up and dance alongside them.“Roots, Soul, and Love!” exemplifies Africanist Aesthetics such as polyrhythm, the aesthetic of the cool and high-effect juxtaposition to bring cheerfulness, happiness and simplicity. Trolley Dances brings Africanist aesthetics to “America’s Finest City” in one of the most exciting and joyful ways possible.

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