Africa World History And Anthropology : Perceptions And Misperceptions Essay example

Africa World History And Anthropology : Perceptions And Misperceptions Essay example

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Africa is an “in development continent” with a very deep background about colonization, that is why is so hard to define it. With fifty four countries, some of them are: Algeria, Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Democratic Republic of Congo, among others, scientists says that the limits of Africa goes farther than their boundaries. In the lecture “Africa in World History and Anthropology: perceptions and misperceptions” (2012), Maiko argues that people have different perceptions and misperceptions about Africa, and with the lecture he intends to clarify some points, so people will understand and respect more this continent that suffered a lot with its explorers.
In “Africa in World History and Anthropology: perceptions and misperceptions”, Maiko points out some misperceptions that people have about Africa, such as: Africa as a wrecked continent, with poverty, starvation, diseases and war. Africa as a foreign, with naked people, sumptuous ceremonies, superstitions, bizarre dressings and so on. Africa as ancient, with a dark continent, not developed like other parts of the world, ancient tribes, stones age and oral society with no writing. The country as treacherous and wild, because in the media Africa is viewed like a jungle, desert, not safe, and everywhere have diseases and war. In addition, Africa is seem as intact, because people use the argument that Africa has avoided “progress” or “civilization” in order to keep itself pure and unblemished from western influences. Although, some things that people do not percept is that Africa is a great continent, with an equality society, people have a good moral consciousness, and there are some different societal lifestyles.
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...line life. The only issue is that there is a lack of access to these technologies in some countries. These issues could be repaired by the government and a lot of money should be invested in technologies and universities to create new specialists that can deal with these new technologies.
To sum up, Africa has many aspects that people have misconceptions about, but after a little research is possible to see the richness of Africa in many areas. Maybe some areas are not so well developed yet, but in the future with more investment in those affected areas, the prospective is good. Africa has everything to build a great nation, with a lot of natural resources and beautiful places that could be used for tourism. The only thing that should be improved is the government of this nation that deserves more dedicated and persistent hands to lead and change things to the best.

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