Essay on Africa Turns The Lives Of A Family Upside Down

Essay on Africa Turns The Lives Of A Family Upside Down

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Many cultures make clear distinctions between the social status of males and females. In most places, the man is the one who carries leadership roles and the woman is the one who supports the man, but even so, the future is not always guaranteed. The woman will always have a little bit of want for freedom and need for acknowledgement within her heart. In Barbara Kingsolver’s The Poisonwood Bible, Nathan Price, the male authority figure of the household, limits the Price women’s ability to aim for higher goals in life, which includes a better living environment and education.

Kingsolver was born April 8, 1955 in Maryland, but grew up in Nicholas County, Kentucky (Wagner 8). After one of her first major works The Bean Trees was published; her passion for writing became stronger. She didn’t stop when she first married, and not even more so when she was pregnant with her first child, Camille. Kingsolver’s relationship with her first husband, Joseph Hoffman, ended in a divorce; she then remarried Steven Hopp with whom she had her second daughter, Lily. After making sure her family was stable, she continued to write the novel she had taken three years to prepare for, The Poisonwood Bible (Wagner 17). She worked diligently collecting the right material for the making of an intriguing story, and “Kingsolver also read widely in the King James Bible, so as to understand the rhythm of the Price family’s speech, the frame of reference for their beliefs, and countless plot ideas” (Wagner 18).

One of Kingsolver’s plot ideas was American Missionaries of the 1960’s, which occupied African soil in order to aid African nations from rival countries, poor economical development and paganism. Relations between African leaders and the President of t...

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... the male figure. Orleanna Price showed that she had regained authority over her own life.

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