Afghanistan's Struggles Against Terrorism Essays

Afghanistan's Struggles Against Terrorism Essays

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Afghanistan's Struggles Against Terrorism

In 1996, Afghanistanwas taken over by the Taliban; an Iran sponsored terrorist organizationthat posed itself as the legitimate government. Since the 9/11 terroristattacks the United States of America (USA) and other international powers havenow paid closer attention to the Afghanistan. November 2001 theterrorists were overthrown and the Afghanistan was going to beestablished as a constitutional democratic Government. Until then it needed atemporary form of government. This necessity produced the Bonn Agreement, whichwould be followed for six months and following it would be a two yeartransitional authority, the former King of Afghanistan Mohammed Zaher, untilits democratic elections. The Bonn Agreement ensured a constitution for itspeople, while emphasizing to the UN the protection, human rights, and economicsof Afghanistanduring this time period. (Bonn)

Throughthe United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), countries like Sweden are ableto provide aid to the people during their governmental transition into aDemocracy. UNAMA’s mandate, which is renewed annually since March 28, 2002,contains six main elements. These are: providing political and strategic advicefor the peace process; providing good offices; assisting Afghanistan’sgovernment towards implementation of the Afghanistan Compact; promoting humanrights; providing technical assistance; and continuing to manage all UNhumanitarian relief, recovery, reconstruction and development activities incoordination with the government. (Mandate) ( is responsible for coordinating all United Nations...

... middle of paper ... Swedenis furthering all support by focusing work in the northern provinces of Afghanistan.The Swedish Government has inaugurated the new embassy within Kabul to become more efficient within thecountry. The government will soon have SIDA draft a new cooperation strategyfor Swedish development assistance with Afghanistan. This will tell theAfghani people Sweden’sgoals in helping them and will provide for a more efficient setting. Thegovernment will also provide for another bill for ISAF supporting theirmilitary presence and protection in the area. Swedenrealizes that the military presence cannot solve Afghanistan’s problems but to theymust be dissolved into the process in order to protect the citizenry andadvancement of the nation. (SwedishPresence)

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