Essay on The Afghanistan Government and Election

Essay on The Afghanistan Government and Election

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I. Introduction:
Since the fall of the Taliban and Al-Qaida in 2001 the United States and the International Security Assistance Forces (ISAF) have been fighting the Al-Qaida and the Taliban insurgents throughout Afghanistan. After 10 years of conflicts, war and deadly clashes between International community, Afghanistan government and the Taliban group today Afghanistan is entering into a new phase by taking security responsibilities from the US and International forces. One of the biggest problems in the history of Afghanistan will be the 2014 Withdrawal of US and International arm forces. The US and ISAF will withdraw around 147000 troops by end of 2014. It will affect Afghanistan in several ways from security to economic to political stability in the country and region. Essentially, the consequences of this withdrawal will be interference of the neighbor countries, terrorism, increase in insurgency and the deteriorating socio-economic situation of Afghanistan (Rashid). In next few months we will be having our next presidential election which is the most important event in 2014 and if this withdrawal will happen it will have significant impact on the 2014 election. Once the international forces withdraw we will be seeing more interventions from neighboring countries especially Pakistan and Iran, Afghanistan will turn back to an unstable country ‘’safe haven for terrorist groups’’, and we will not have a free and fair election.
This paper, therefore, explains the problems that Afghanistan will be facing if the 2014 withdrawal of international forces will take place not just that but also the importance of the bilateral security agreement (BSA) with the US and holding free and fair elections. Finally, it will present solutions ...

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...ghanistan and shall support Afghanistan in terms of economic, military, politics, and security.
IV. Conclusion:
The withdrawal of the US and International forces will have significant impact in the future of this country. Afghanistan is going to have its next presidential election in few months and for that it needs both security and economic assistance which is almost impossible without support of US and International community. In order to ensure that the international forces will not withdraw from Afghanistan, the government must promptly sign the bilateral security Agreement (BSA) with US and held a free and fair election. Otherwise, Afghanistan will face the same thing as 1960s the increase of insurgency and interference from neighboring countries. Consequently, signing BSA is a must for Afghanistan government and they shall not delay it under any condition.

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