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Cooking and Foods

In the novel “The Kite Runner”, Khaled Hosseini discusses many different types of food from Afghanistan. Tea was mentioned a few times as Baba retreated to his reading area and drank tea with Rahim Khan. Food is the epicenter of being a guest in an Afghan house because the host takes pride in what he/she serves. A person who is welcomed into the household, that person will be offered the best that the family has to present. They will constantly fill your tea glass and offer snacks until you cover your glass with your hand and say that you’ve had enough.

As a person is welcomed into the household, they should remove their shoes at the door. There are a lot of different etiquettes when it comes to eating in the U.S. than in Afghanistan. Food is served on a tablecloth that is laid down and spread on the floor. The seating arrangements are usually around the tablecloth and cushions may be used to support your bottom. Sitting with your feet crossed is usually preferred because sitting with your legs out with your feet facing people is disrespectful.

It is not accepted to use your left hand while eating, eating and passing dishes should be done with the right hand. Food will be put on your plate if it is left empty. Women are usually the ones who cook for the household. Pork is forbidden because it is a Muslim country. Alcohol is also not allowed. Chicken is considered a luxury. The eating hours are consistent with our times. Food is casually eaten with hands, as they use the tip of their right hands to pick up food or scooped with naan to eat.

Not only is dinner etiquettes important in Afghanistan but so is the food. Tea is important in Afghanistan Culture. It is a common gesture of hospitali...

... middle of paper ... chairs and have dinner tables to present food. Afghanistan shows that it’s okay to eat on the floor. Hospitality will always be shown in an Afghan household and guest will be treated to the best. The wide variety of spices used will always give Afghan food an incomparable taste and hopefully more people indulge into it.

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