Essay Afghanistan: A Country Like no Other

Essay Afghanistan: A Country Like no Other

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The land stands scarred by the countless Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and rocket propelled grenades (RPGs). Child amputees hobble from place to place while women hide their faces from the rest of the world. The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan located 33.00 degrees north and 65.00 degrees east. Found in Southern Asia, in a highly conflicted region known as the Middle East and referred to as the crossroads of Central Asia. Landlocked, it sits in the center of Iran, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and China. Wrecked and devastated Afghanistan’s history is painted red with the blood of war and struggles to push pass its past and develop a sense of sustainability. We can see this through the education of individuals, treatment of the environment, and agricultural practices.
Nicknamed the “graveyard of empires” (CNN Article), Afghanistan’s course history is plagued by countless war efforts from various empires starting as early as 382 B.C. when Alexander the Great invaded territory that now makes up current day Afghanistan. After his fall the Scythians (a nomadic people), White Huns (believed to be from the Tibet region), and the Turks (from Turkey) invaded to claim land. 600 years later in 642 A.D., the Arabic people infiltrated the territory and brought with them the religion of Islam which still remains predominate in modern day Afghanistan today. Persians shortly after forced the Arabic people out of the region and held it until 998 when the Turkic Ghaznavids gained control of the territory. They later withdrew giving way to Muhammad, a leader and prophet of the Islamic faith. Shortly after his death, princes around the country sought to gain control of various regions splitting the country in to manifold prov...

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... would have been executed for learning how to read and write. Death for educating the people, an unfair price that many have paid dearly for. However, without the education of both women and men the country is likely to continue its two-step forward one-step back routine as it attempts to build up a nation. Along with education, individuals well begin to notice problems that need to be solved within the country such as the environmental issues that presently face Afghanistan.

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