Afganistan and Iran Are So Similar and Yet So Different

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When two nations are so similar within their languages, ethnicities, cultures, restrictions, religions and many other facets, it is hard to say what is different about the two. However, with both Afghanistan and Iran, what got them to where they are both at today is due to their differences within their history. For Afghanistan, the first important aspect in history is back in 1878 with a treaty that gives Britain control of all Afghan foreign affairs. It was not until 1919 when Afghanistan gained independence from Britain and began on their own. During 1953, things took a turn down the wrong road and they turned to the Soviet Union for economic and military assistance. The Soviet Army invades and imposes a communist government upon them. From then on, Mohammad Daoud Khan was named king; however, a few years later he is killed in a communist rebellion, leaving Nur Mohammad Taraki president now. Now it is 1978 when this happens and under Taraki, they proclaim independence from Soviet influence, and declare their policies to be based on Islamic principles, Afghan nationalism and socioeconomic justice. The next major event does not occur until 1995 when the newly formed Islamic militia, the Taliban, comes into power with the purposes and promises of nothing but peace. All of these events lead up to the current situation and present day history of Afghanistan, making them war stricken, violent, and a threat to many nations today, including United States. For Iran, similar events have taken place within their nation. Iran is now the world’s only theocracy, which is a form of government in which ideally all laws are grounded in religion and express the will of God, and the clergy exercises supreme power. Many important dat... ... middle of paper ... ...rtility rate 1 child born per women. This is slowly changing for the women of Iran because of The Comprehensive Population and Family Excellence Plan. Because both of these nations are extremely close, and follow the same religion and law, it is very hard to see any contrast between the two. In my opinion, Afghanistan and Iran do not have many different trajectories between these two nations. It is extremely hard to say what the differences between the two nations and their gender inequalities. Both of these countries are extremely opposed for decades now and still continue to face many struggles within. Because both countries are so similar, the only major difference between the two would be within how their economic standpoint in how Iran is a major power with their oil industry. Afghanistan is not at the level economically that Iran is and their import.

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