Affordable Health Care: A Review of the 2010 HealthCare Reform Bill Essay

Affordable Health Care: A Review of the 2010 HealthCare Reform Bill Essay

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After months of substantial and aggressive deliberation around the United States, particularly in Washington, the HealthCare Reform of 2010 also known as the Affordable Care Act, was passed with a filibuster favorable to Democrats and signed into office on March 23rd by President Barrack Obama. Though it is intricately detailed, the ideal purposes as promised by those who promoted it are to provide inexpensive and uncomplicated health insurance to citizens along with enhanced coverage for those with pre-existing conditions, beneficial prescription drug provisions and changes to tax credits. Essentially, the law incorporates the positive aspects of today’s health care system and repairs the areas due for improvements. Over the first ten years of its enforcement in office, this reform is intended to expand coverage to over 32 million Americans who are currently uninsured and estimates a 130 billion dollar reduction in nationwide deficit. Each provision of the law was proposed to occur over a four year period with some of its ten titles such as the FDA’s authorization to approve generic versions of certain drugs ensuing immediately while others including the expansion of Medicaid eligibility for the poverty stricken taking effect in early 2014. Many are concerned it is futile and will only further damage a fragile American economy but to many the introduction of the Affordable Care Act is perfectly timed to mend a broken health system in a struggling society.
Conceivably the industry most affected by the passage of the bill is insurance agencies. As of September 23rd 2010, according to the government’s website,, all insurers are required to pay the entire fees of advised precautionary medical services such as mammogra...

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