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Try to picture a beautiful day. The sun is shining and there isn’t a cloud in the sky. The only thing on your mind is going to the beach. It’s only a thirty-five to forty minute drive down the highway. You call up some friends and everybody gets ready to go. The car is packed with changes of clothes, snacks and drinks. As you begin your short trip to that little piece of heaven you suddenly realize that your gas light is on. In a matter of miles the car will come to a disappointing stop with out more fuel. Up ahead you spot a gas station. You feel a sudden relief. As you pull up to the pump that ear to ear smile leaves your face. The same gas that was Three-nineteen a gallon is now well over four dollars. You instantly realize that you can’t afford this trip on your own. Do you cancel the trip or ask your friends to chip in? Why do gas prices continue to rise to such ridiculous heights? It’s almost to the point where a person can’t afford to go to work. Gas prices should be made affordable so that even the lowest paid employee can drive to and from work.
In today’s society if you are anything less than rich these gas prices will have a huge impact on everyday life and your budget. The reason gas prices are becoming so unaffordable is because the expence of oil continues to heighten. “Based on information provided by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), the cost of crude oil accounts for 71% of what we pay for at the pumps” (Shipp, 2010). The oil company’s regulate the expense of gas prices. The oil companies are inconsiderate of everyday bills that a normal person has to pay, they only care about their earnings. That’s why the production of electric cars is moving so slowly. If the oil company’s actually cared about t...

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