The Affordable Care Act ( Ppaca ) Essay

The Affordable Care Act ( Ppaca ) Essay

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One of the biggest events that have happened in our recent history in the health care system was the enacting of the Affordable Care Act (PPACA) in March of 2010 into law (Houle & Fleece, 2011; Niles, 2014). This was the most all-inclusive reformed legislation “passed in American history” (Houle & Fleece, 2011, p. 33). This law was intended to enhance the availability of reasonably priced healthcare (Niles, 2014). And in turn decrease the amount of people in the United States who are without medical insurance. One of the requirements of this law is that people that are without health insurance need to acquire it if they have the ability to buy it; if they do not, they will be subject to paying a fine (Niles, 2014). Another requirement is that each state has a marketplace set up so that people will have more opportunities to look for more inexpensive healthcare insurance plans (Niles, 2014).
One of the biggest concerns of this new Health Care law is how it will affect the economy negatively. One of the affects will be on the Employer Mandate (Meyer, 2014). The law requires that companies who have over 49 full time workers must offer government approved healthcare (meet the governments standards) (Meyer, 2014). If these companies do not provide the coverage required then they will face a fine that is $2,000 per employee that is not tax deductible (Meyer, 2014). This will cost companies north of 60K when they go from 49 to 50 workers (Meyer, 2014).
On top of this, the Affordable Care Act has subsidies and penalties and because of this, low and middle earning employees will lose out on more money if they work more or even take a job (Meyer, 2014). This will in turn dispirit people from wanting to work which will have long and short t...

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...ama Care?”). The problem is that the grandfathered plans eventually evolve into something that does not fulfill the standards of the Affordable Care Act (“Can I Keep My Health Care Plan Under Obama Care?”). This is why people are receiving those cancellation letters as discussed prior.
This Affordable Health Care Act is still a heated topic today. The intention of the Affordable Health Care Act was to target areas that affect health care costs; such as prescription drugs, home health care expenses, hospital care and physician and clinical services (Niles, 2014). The idea is that the law will help these areas and improve the quality assurance and improve the ease of access to quality health care to people (Niles, 2014). It is still too early to declare how beneficial this new law will be down the road to consumers regarding their overall healthcare (Niles, 2014).

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