Essay Affordable Care Act Of 2012

Essay Affordable Care Act Of 2012

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Affordable Care Act in 2012
Universal health care is one of the several issues that were debated strongly in the 2012 elections. While President Obama passed his influential piece of law in 2010, the Affordable Care Act, there was an undeniable division within the American people for whom which it was derived. Regardless, even with all of the potential economic consequences that may result from new health care policies, it is intimidating legislation the United States should continue to sustain and support. The new health care strategy offers more coverage to a bigger amount of Americans, is significantly more economical for the US budget, considering the state of the current economy, and is an ethical cause and sign of society that all Americans should strive for. Additionally, while democrats can back a policy for universal health care, republicans such as the then nominee, Governor Mitt Romney preferred the privatization of health care, and letting the free market naturally direct the health care industry. I will initially discuss what opponents of universal health care are apprehensive about. Next, provide evidence as to why American’s should support a universal health care policy, detailing its benefits and its efficacy from a financial perspective for the government. Lastly I will explore the variances of the democratic and republican philosophies and their individual support or challenge each other’s ideas.
Conservatives argue that universal health care will place a larger financial liability upon the federal government. For instance, the state of Tennessee, which although has a whopping ninety-three percent of its citizens insured, is going practically bankrupt in doing so, as neediest citizens receive care under the ...

... middle of paper ...

...versy, we expected a heated debate from these two candidates about the idea of a nation-wide health care plan. While the Democratic party may support the legislation and the Republican party may disapprove of this policy, after researching both philosophies we can show the debate over universal health care is not a stiff or distinct contradiction.
Of course, there is always an element of surprise in any presidential election. Undeniably the issue of universal health care was bound to pose debate between President Obama and then Republican Nominee Governor Mitt Romney. However, it is important to realize the benefits of the Affordable Care Act. Despite conservative criticisms, the move for universal health care will cover the uninsured, help balance the government’s fiscal budget, and even benefit the nation ethically by expressively developing a sense of community.

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