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Affordable Care Act : Jason Montgomery Essay

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Jason Montgomery

The Affordable Care Act was designed by President Obama to help restructuring the health care system. The affordable care act will apply actions that will lower health care expenses and improve system effectiveness, and to eradicate industry practices that include denial of coverage due to pre-existing circumstances. Over forty-four million Americans are not covered by medical insurance because they cannot pay for it or have had previous ailments, this law will give these Americans medical insurance benefits. Before this law was passed insurance companies could reject patience, drop the coverage in the mid of treatment, and have a max dollar amount they were willing to pay.
During a CNN interview, a woman was deprived of healthcare after being sexually assaulted, Anderson Cooper the person giving the interview said: “Marry Turner while under the influence was raped by a couple men in the year two thousand nine. After using anti-HIV drugs recommended by her doctor as a deterrent measure, Turner was denied health insurance. The HIV drugs, Turner was told, raised too many health problems for her insurer.” The affordable care act is directed to avoid cases like this from happening (Reinhard, 2012). The law gives numerous benefits to Americans in need of healthcare, but also harms others. With premiums being increased for those who already have health insurance, and business owners being punished for not giving full health coverage to full time employees many Americans are against the act.
The affordable care act aids millions of Americans in need of health insurance. Now that the law was permitted, no one can be deprived of coverage due to pre-existing illnesses or limit aid for that il...

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...he United States. This also takes a weight off the backs of one or two people in each family to offer their family 's most essential need and allocates it evenly over the whole country, creating a normal for health care rather than a chain of command (Lenhart, 2015).

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