Essay on The Affordable Care Act Is A Health Care Plan

Essay on The Affordable Care Act Is A Health Care Plan

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The Affordable Care Act is a health care plan that is named after President Obama.  Most people just call it “Obama Care”. It was passed into law just a few years ago by the Obama administration, and is suppose to be a reform that regulates the health industry. Obama Care is suppose to help millions and millions of people that could not afford, or were not healthy enough to get insurance. It sets an unhealthy constitutional president, forcing citizens to buy a product even if they don’t need health insurance.  These are just a few of the things this plan does and later on in this paper, it will go into more depth. But don’t get the wrong picture though, there are defiantly positives and negatives to Obama Care and in this paper it will show you how the negatives of this reform outweigh the positives.
The Reform that was suppose to Save Americas Health Plan
Obama Care was supposed to be one of President Obama 's biggest accomplishments, but since it got passed and turned into a law it has been placed under a magnifying glass. It has been praised by a few, but shunned by many. It is a health reform program that helps some American’s but, also hinders a great deal of other citizens. Creating a new national health care program that works for everyone is extremely difficult.  Many United States presidents and their administrations have tried. Never before has anybody found the “golden ticket” that would make a national health care program both affordable and financially practical. When it comes to getting health care it should be someone’s choice and not requirement, because they are millions of people who do not need to be paying for health insurance in the prime of their lives. It is an individual right to choose the coverage one wan...

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...s today are doing a lot less of patient work, evaluating and eye-to-eye contact and more clicking and checking the boxes on their computer (Krauthammer, 2016).
The Health Care Act That is not Saving Us
The United States is one of the greatest and wealthiest countries in the world, and yes, we should have the best health care system on the planet, and that is exactly what we had before Obamacare.  In this great country, however we still have the right to choose and people still have the right to be stupid, you can’t legislate stupidity, It should be your choice to pay for insurance or not.  If you don’t have health insurance there are government programs already in place to help Medicare, Medicaid and Cover Colorado to name a few. Even though we can not just throw away Obamacare it is defiantly a stepping stone in ways to improve our health care system in the future.

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