The Affordable Care Act Into Law Essay

The Affordable Care Act Into Law Essay

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In the United States of America, there are millions of individuals that live with chronic medical problems. In which these conditions require some sort of medical attention at least once a month for revaluation, and possible treatment. Thankfully, for the majority of those individuals with their health insurance covers those costs that essentially would cripple their bank accounts. On the contrary, there are millions of people living in the United States, who are uninsured. Even with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act or as it is known by the public Obama Care, there are still individuals who cannot afford the basic needs of healthcare. Health care should not be looked at as a privilege but a right for everyone regardless of their financial standings.
On the twenty-third day of March in 2010, President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law is set to help those afford the cost of health care, and access care that is affordable to them. From the baby Boomer generation, to the young adults just entering the work force for their first time, everyone will have the opportunity to access health care, some for the first time in their lives. Obama Care is an affordable choice for those who need it. When choosing a plan that is right for you, several options are available. “The marketplace allows individuals and small businesses to compare health plans on a level playing field.” (Key Features of ACA by year) With these baseline individuals are able to pick a plan, which is affordable for their lives. In addition to those who select their coverage, there is a separate plan for the population of Americans who are 65 years or older. This plan is known as Medicare. As with every insurance company, Medicare has separ...

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...illion on prescription medication—this was an 8.5% increase from $199.7 billion in 2005” (Wexler) The increase can be a good way to think of how the money is spent. We fund the projects that in turn create fundamental medications to help those who need it.
The Affordable Care Act allows millions of individuals the chance to afford healthcare that they struggle to receive years, even months before. With the enactment of this law, millions were able to finally take control of their health. Simultaneously the overuse of emergency rooms as an individual’s primary source of care can be a downfall to the success of the ACA. Regardless of one’s financial situation, health care coverage is readily available for those who seek it. There is now an option for those who could not afford the coverage, a person’s health no longer is determined by the amount of money they make.

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