The Affordable Care Act Has Provided Opportunities For The Healthcare System

The Affordable Care Act Has Provided Opportunities For The Healthcare System

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The Affordable Care Act has provided opportunities for the healthcare system to provide an environment focused on high quality and efficiency. This has been accomplished in both the public and private sectors. With safety in the health care system seen as the utmost indispensable quality that can be provided in caring for patients in today’s health care systems. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) patient safety is a fundamental right of each individual that seeks treatment. With a specific focus on a system that delivers care it is important to have strategies that advances an improved quality of life and care for today’s society. In health care there are various types of reporting it important to understand the various reporting systems and the key point of each system, as a result the relevancy of the Leapfrog Group is as pertinent today as it was when launched in November 2000.
According to WHO (2014) industries, such as aviation and nuclear industries, that are perceived higher risk have better safety record than health care. While traveling in an aircraft there is a 1 in 1,000,000 chance of being harmed. In comparison, by seeking medical treatment there is a 1 in 300 chance that a patient may be injured or become sicker than upon admission. Identifying needs, measuring progress, and evaluating outcomes is the key to empowerment when it comes to patient safety. Part of that empowerment is knowing and understanding the key points to current reporting systems; with an overall goal for have a reporting system in place is to learn. Reports on incidents that occur in a health care setting are collected and often analyzed by an outside firm. The reporting system gives a platform for health care providers to share...

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...ient safety is a right, therefore the system , regardless of whether it be mandatory or voluntary is key to the continued improvement and overall quality of the health care system. It is fear of the system that makes the knowledge of errors in general a safety issue among the system as a whole. In conclusion, it is evident that too few hospitals are participating in reporting the safety and quality of their facilities. As the Affordable Care Act and the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services pushes for changes in healthcare facilities, the data collected by the Leapfrog Group will become more prevalent resulting in more facilities using maybe not the Leapfrog Group, but various survey groups. Participation in such groups will become a guide to increasing the safety, quality and efficiency that the American people and Veterans have started to demand of the system.

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