Affordable Care Act ( Aca ) Shift The Health Care System Essay

Affordable Care Act ( Aca ) Shift The Health Care System Essay

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Affordable Care Act (ACA) shift the health care system in the United States.The Institue of Medicine (IOM) report recommends the future of nursing are one of the important workforces leading the change. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) sponsored the Initiative on the Future of Nursing (IFN) research in America (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Initiative on the Future of... n.d.). In this essay, the student will discuss the IOM report on the IFN leading healthcare system reform. And Acknowledge the significance of nursing workforce development related to the nursing shortage, nursing education, leadership and nursing practice. Also, interduce the goals of State of Arizona action coalitions on future of nursing campaigns and how to overcome the barriers.

The work of RWJF is to improve the health and health care of all Americans. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is passed in 2010.With the law, The United States health system facing the fundamental change. RWJF envision the role of nursing in the upcoming health system, sponsored the IOM on the study of the INF ( Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Initiative on the Future of ...n.d.). Nurses role in health care reform with the new focus on illness oriented towards wellness and prevention. Nurses can work in providing high-quality, safer, more affordable, and more accessible care in the new health-care system (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Initiative on the Future of ...n.d.). Also, They can engage in research to Generate evidence-based practice to improved patient outcomes. Nurses also can Redesign nursing education (Nursing 's role in health care reform - American Nurse Today. n.d.). According to the IOM Report, nursing is the heart of the new health care system.And the nurse...

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...ed scope of practice for the four APRN organizations, Arizona Clinical Nurse Specialists. (Top Nursing Issues in Arizona - Arizona Nurses Association. n.d.). The Arizona Chapter of the American College of Nurse Midwives, The Arizona Nurse Practitioner Council, The Arizona Association of Nurse Anesthetists collaborate the partnership and share resources and support each other to achieve the Full Practice Authority for APRNs in Arizona (Top Nursing Issues in Arizona - Arizona Nurses Association. n.d.).
Arizona Action Coalition (AZAC), The Workforce Committee also works on collecting and analysis of the data related to health care workforce supply. (Workforce | Arizona Action Coalition. n.d). The goal of the committee is through the classify and collect the information to create a short and long term action plans to guide demographics and demand in Arizona in the future.

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