Essay Affluenza: Buying Unnecessary Items

Essay Affluenza: Buying Unnecessary Items

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Have you ever felt like you are spending too much money at a time, on pointless items? Statistics show that American’s consumption rate of goods has increased by forty-five percent in the last twenty years (Statistics-Consumption/quality of life pg. 194). Americans are experiencing a thing that is many times known as “Affluenza”, this is when someone buys more items, such as clothes, cars, houses, or any unnecessary items. Many people talk about this so-called “Affluenza”, like it is a medical term. The word Affluenza is pretty much saying that people make money and work hard for their money and they like to buy nice things, because they can and they have the money to. They are fortunate enough to be able to have these nice things for themselves because they work so hard for it. Many Americans are not satisfied with their positions because of false ads, selfishness, and jealousy. Some celebrities, some of the wealthiest people on the planet have committed suicide because they are not happy with what they have and they feel like they need more items, when really they have everything they need to be happy, but they suffer from Affluenza and make these bad decisions.
As Aristotle said in his “Nicomachean Ethics”, the wise people that you will meet in life will pick “honor, pleasure, reason, and every virtue” to try to achieve what they think is happiness. Also in this book he states that obtaining pure happiness comes from “sufficiently being equipped with external goods” and that this is what brings people happiness and satisfies them. Pretty much Aristotle is saying that people that would have excess goods, such as money, food, cars, clothes, houses, and other comforts to human beings, and if they had these items they would be ha...

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...rities, instead of buying outrageous items that have no use and no productivity to help these people.

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