Essay on Affirmative Action: Work In Progress?

Essay on Affirmative Action: Work In Progress?

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When I applied to college, affirmative action was the reason I believed I could enter United States’ top colleges, especially those in New York City which I have dreamed of attending since I was a kid. Do not get me wrong; I had great grades and my test scores were not awful, but I knew the competition was tough. However, I also knew I would be competing against other minority students for the university’s diversity quotas, at least that is what I thought. The “quotas” I thought were my salvation were in reality affirmative action, a term of which I clearly did not have a lot of knowledge on. Affirmative action was created on March 6, 1961 when John F. Kennedy signed the Executive Order 10925, a regulation that aims to promote equal opportunity among citizens. The Executive Order 10925 was government’s solution to the discrimination and racism of the era.
However, the use of affirmative action in college admissions has led to several debates and oppositions. Popular sources like CNN consider affirmative action is no longer necessary because it already did its work in integrating minority students into society and it is time to end it. A journalist from Time Magazine recognizes affirmative action’s importance but claim there has to be changes done in order for it to be fair for every group of citizens and that it should not be a legal imposition to require diversity in college admissions. Some students from the University of Arizona were interviewed and said that instead of race-based, affirmative action, need-based affirmative action should be enacted and others argue that college admissions need to be color-blind because race should not determine one’s privileges. On the other hand, scholars like Scott Finnie claim that af...

... middle of paper ... multiple opinions and reactions.

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