Affirmative Action Programs are Racist

Affirmative Action Programs are Racist

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All of my brothers, sisters and I had one high school teacher in common. We were all told the same thing.
“Getting your high school diploma is important because without it you cannot become a trash collector for the city.”
In her eyes, us being a trash man was a good thing because working for the city came with benefits. Not that people who work in the sanitation industry are under achievers, but when young minds are reaching for the stars, it is sobering to understand that certain people simply do not believe in you. That your future was limited by your demographic and without a helping hand, your future was all the more limited. Why? Because the United States was once the home of slave and slave owners. Because of this sorted history, Blacks were and will always be destined to a future of relative and comparative failure.
In reference to this past of slavery and Lincoln’s roll in it that we cannot seem get past; Franklin Brown left the following comment on my Facebook page:
“And, in truth, while some of it is unpleasant, it is nothing to be ashamed of. Growing stronger through adversity is a good thing.”
He is right, we are ashamed of our past. It is a past of racism and discrimination that haunts Blacks and hinders the progression to true equality to this day. To aid Blacks in attaining equality, affirmative action programs swept the nation. Programs that states are now voting to do away with. These states are labeled as “racist states” by many, but what people do not look into is why many communities are moving past the past by abolishing affirmative action.
Equality can only be achieved one way, by unconditionally meeting a set of equal standards. As states and organizations began moving in this direction, it was in hopes that the transformative aspirations of a newly elected Black president could help deliver the nation to a post racial society secure enough within themselves to embrace ethnicity over racial differences. As it would turn out, this ideology was ephemeral at best; if it ever truly existed in the president to begin with.
Soon after Obama’s election and the fall of his coveted ACORN, it was disclosed that part of campaign strategy was to incite racism. If a White journalist that did not agree with a given position of the would be president they were labeled as a racist.

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This in turn negated objectivity and gave room for a presidential hopeful to go largely unchallenged in the mass media in fears of attacks for being considered racist. It was a highly effective strategy that later infected the highest levels of the federal government. A person who did not support health care reform was suddenly “racist.” To implement health care reform would be to do away with the “American holocaust” that current health care is. Through these claims of racism, Blacks became victims of a Democrat political machine seeking to exclusively corral the Black vote.
Enter the Department of Justice and Eric “My People” Holder.
The DoJ has been a key tool in ensuring that both Blacks never attain equality and align with the Democrat Party. Voters in a small North Carolina community voted overwhelmingly to do away with party affiliation for local elections. The voters wanted the ability to vote for “their candidate of choice” in local elections citing that in the small town they knew who the candidates were and thus did not need the D or R to determine whom to support. The city has a population of 23,000; two thirds of which are Black. The DoJ threw out the vote claiming Blacks need the Democrat Party in order to know who to vote for. Further acting upon racial intent, Loretta King of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division wrote of the decision, “Removing the partisan cue in municipal elections will, in all likelihood, remove the single factor that allows blacks to be elected into office.”
The DoJ has also ventured deep into the waters of affirmative action by forcing the Daytona Police Force to hire minority applicants who cannot pass the entrance exam. Community leaders believe the Justice Department’s mandate stigmatizes Blacks. What the community wants is law enforcement and emergency personnel who are most capable of doing the job. Under the mandate race becomes an issue because then a minority will be question for their competence based upon the potential of being hired under a double standard. In not lowering the standard, equality is attained; by lowering the standard, equality is forever an unattainable dream.
Further concerns will be raised when we consider the fact the affirmative action is in fact the employment of racism.
In New Haven Connecticut, the city threw out firefighter advancement exams because the results left too few minorities qualified. As a result of the throwing out of advancement exams, one Latino and one Black were scheduled for promotion over White counterparts who clearly out performed them. White firefighters sued for discrimination. A suit that the Supreme Court ruled only 5-4 in favor of the firefighters. Rather than correct the action, the city opted to not certify the results and promoted no one at all.
It is not that minorities can’t, it is that minorities often too don’t have to! We are so polarized by race and race issues we forget to look at things objectively. If it is not fair to discriminate against women and minorities; why in the world is it acceptable to discriminate against White males? Better yet, how is having lower standards of acceptability good for anyone in a given society?
There was a time when affirmative action was more than necessary and appropriate. Today, at the hands of an affirmative action program that has been hijacked by a Black headed, largely Democrat led government, we have transcended from good intentions to overt government sponsored, endorsed and mandated racism. While some see this clearly, others remain metagrabolized out of guilt for a past no American today has any control of today and render themselves ineffective as the fall idle and passive.
Though a common political excuse, two wrongs never make a right. Because slavery was wrong, does not make discrimination against another right.
I was taught to set lower expectations, but that never meant I was not capable of being the best that I could be. It never meant that I could not best any given standard. This is somewhat of a unique outlook because human nature is to meet the standard. If a person needs an 1100 on a SAT, they do not commit themselves to attaining a 1530. What happens when that 1100 finds his or herself in an elite school because they of a certain race, sex or both? They fail. What’s worse is that we all fail when we collectively fail to realize that. Imposing standards of acceptability is done for a purpose; they are either met or they are not. When we stray from the standard we sell ourselves short before anything else.

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