Affirmative Action Is A Policy Or Action? Essay examples

Affirmative Action Is A Policy Or Action? Essay examples

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Affirmative action is a policy or action that favors those who tend to be discriminated against. It is seen as positive discrimination by some. Others refer to it as reverse discrimination. Reverse discrimination is when people of a majority are discriminated in favor of a disadvantage group or minority (Schindler, 2015). The idea of affirmative action dates all the way back to post Civil War Reconstruction Era. It gives an advantage to newly freed slaves who lacked skills to get a job and live a fulfilled life ("International Index to Black Periodicals", 2005). Today, it is used mainly for jobs and education.
Affirmative action is not meant to give opportunity to just minorities, but women as well. The first affirmative action law was an executive action signed on March 6, 1961 by President John F. Kennedy (Gerber, "Affirmative Action and the Crisis in Higher Education", 2014). This law made discrimination illegal in programs that were funded by the government. In the work place when a there is an open position for a job and a pool full of applicants. A male white or black will be looked at over a woman. A white male over a black male would more likely get the job. Affirmative action would make the employer look at the qualifications and give favor to the minority man or a woman. Affirmative action is meant to promote diversity of disadvantage minorities and women. The question is does it promote diversity at the cost of the majority in this case whites.
In the California case of The Regents of the University of California v. Bakke the Supreme Court ruled that the University of California – Davis Medical School could not set seats aside for set number of minorities ("The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights"). A...

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...d GPA and test score that has to reached in order for a student to gain access to medical school, there will not always be diversity in the incoming class. A lot of what America focuses on as a whole is diversity. To achieve diversity schools are going to have take a student that does not have grades quite as high as other students. It creates academic diversity within the school. Some students are naturally smart and can make great grades without much effort. Where another student would have to study hours upon hour to get a B. They could go to hours of tutoring, study groups and only come out with B. People achieve knowledge at different paces and I think that medical schools embrace that. They do not just take the smartest kid and accept they take the kids that have potential to be great and they grow that potential so that potential grows into achievement.

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