Essay Affirmative Action Is A Form Of Reverse Discrimination

Essay Affirmative Action Is A Form Of Reverse Discrimination

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1. Affirmative Action Question: Newton and Wasserstrom seem to disagree about whether affirmative action is a form of reverse discrimination. Explain how each arrives at their position about whether or not affirmative action is similar to or different from discriminatory laws of the Jim Crow era
Wasserstrom and Newton disagree with affirmative action because to Wasserstrom sees affirmative action as a way to help the ones who have being abused or that have being oppressed and with the affirmative action he things this people can have a better life. On the other hand, Newton thinks that if affirmative action is use to help someone out because of the circumstances of their life then at the moment when that person is help other is affected in because of that.
Newton believes that everyone should have the same opportunities in life, but if some because of the circumstances of their lives get a priory or some kind of special treatment then at the moment is a violation of the one who didn’t get that chance. She uses equality before the law and moral idea of equality, with this to two terms she illustrate how when equity under the law is violated to achieve moral equity, then the one doing it undermine the goal of moral equity.
Finally, affirmative action can be a good way in some citations, as well as moral ideal of equity, but if the affirmative action is affecting too much the one who are not getting the benefit from it then I think is wrong, but if it just helps the person with toughest circumstances a little to have a better outcome then I don’t thing is that bad. And affirmative reaction is not like Jim Crow era, because the affirmative reaction is to help the ones in need not to suppress someone based on race.
2. Mill begins “...

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...ry to know if the person who is involved is in some kind of risk or if is putting someone else in risk. If nobody gets any harm out of someone’s actions then we cannot and should not intervene. Is their life and everyone has the right to enjoy it in any way it better fits for them.
4. Is Mill right that we should never restrict speech due to its content? (hate speech, pornography)
I think that sometimes it is necessary to restrict some information to certain people, for example in case of pornography having age restriction I think is a great idea, same for hate speech. But, for adults I don’t thing it is necessary to restrict information unless this information can cause some extreme consequences, for example military information or information that can put a nation in risk. Just like the idea from Mill about not intervention as long the information don’t harm some.

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