Affirmative Action And Its Effects On The Workplace Essay

Affirmative Action And Its Effects On The Workplace Essay

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Since the results of the presidential election, many people believed that the United States will go backwards in the progression of racial and social relationships. Also since the election, President-elect Trump’s appointments are people who have the reputation of being pro-white nationalists and Islamophobic figures. The term “affirmative action” comes to surface because many activists believe that the importance of this policy ,will truly no longer be in existence under a Trump administration. So, throughout the course of this paper the reader will learn what is affirmative action, understanding the significance of affirmative action, and ways a public administrator can promote diversity in the workplace.

What is Affirmative Action? Affirmative Action defined in the United States is a set of laws, strategies, and rules "planned to end and correct the effects of a particular type of discrimination." These include government-ordered, government-endorsed, and willful private projects that tend to concentrate on access to training and work, particularly granting special consideration to generally discriminated groups, for example, racial minorities or women. The stimulus toward affirmative action regarding minorities in society ,is changing the disservices connected with the past and present of segregation. Promote stimulus is a long desire to guarantee open establishments, for example, colleges, hospitals, and police forces, are more representative of the people they serve. In the United States, this policy regarding minorities in society has a tendency to stress not particular standards but targeted goals to address past segregation in a specific organization or in a more extensive society through great faith to distinguish, se...

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...pany . Set positive objectives, and create strategies to meet those objectives.
Affirmative action is important because this policy has broken many racial and social barriers. Without this policy , many minorities and women would not be progressing in the workplace. This policy is responsible for clearing a path hindered by persistent discrimination , that has clearly affected minorities. Even if this policy no longer existed under a Trump administration, public administrators and others must continue to fight for equality and diversity in the workforce. If under Trump administration Affirmative action no longer existed, one must continue to use those same policies to seek progression for minorities and women in the workplace .Regardless of what race, gender, or sexual orientation one identifies with, that person should have the same opportunity as a Caucasian man.

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