The Affects Sleep Loss Can Have On Your Body Essay

The Affects Sleep Loss Can Have On Your Body Essay

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Sleep is the key to success in our world today. It there a certain amount of sleep needed? Can different methods help people get enough sleep? As simple as these two questions may seem there is an infinite amount of answers that could be given. People do not always get the proper amount of sleep their body needs to function properly. There are many ways it can affect a life and not in a positive way. Multiple people may think that there is a certain amount of sleep you need but really there is not. To change the nasty habit there are plenty of methods and little simple things that can be done to ensure enough sleep in families and individuals.

Living things cannot be successful without sleep. As a growing adult, teenagers especially need sleep. “What good does it do to try and educate teen-agers so early in the morning?” asks Maas. “You can be giving the most stimulating interesting lecture to sleep-deprived children early in the morning or right after lunch, when they’re as their sleepiest, and the overwhelming drive to sleep drive replaces any chance of alertness, cognition, memory or understanding”(Carpenter). Basically teachers feel helpless and they do not want to even teach kids in this situation. As teachers they probably ask themselves how much sleep that kid got last night but they would be truly horrified if they actually asked the student. Do kids even know the proper amount there body needs? In studies shown School aged children, ages five to ten, need ten to eleven hours of sleep and teenagers, ages eleven to seventeen, need eight and a half to nine and a half hours of sleep (“How Much Sleep Do We Really). This matters because most people don’t get enough sleep and they don’t even know it. Even though you the...

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