Essay on The Affects Of Social Class On Literacy

Essay on The Affects Of Social Class On Literacy

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The Affects of Social Class on Literacy
How does one’s social class affect their literacy? This is one of many controversial questions that are always brought up to discussion. Some people say that higher social classes receive a better education while the lower social classes tend to receive a far less extensive education. There are various reasons that support this claim with the educational level one receives depending on whether they live in poverty or not. Because living in poverty alone gives you many reasons to why one might not be doing well with their literacy (Layton 18). For an example, someone who lives in poverty may not be eating well enough for his or her brain to function enough to be able to learn the right way. Even so, others will say that no matter the social class one has, if one really wanted to learn the ways of literacy they would always find a way.
As said, there are different divisions of social class. At the top of the pyramid, you have your upper class, this is the group of people who receive the highest amount of income and private wealth in the country. This higher social class is mostly made up of top executives and large business owners. Then you have your middle class, which is honestly made up of half of the U.S. population. The middle class is more average-like with its income level and is also referred to as the working class by having jobs like factory workers, electricians, and truck drivers. Lastly, you have your lower social class, which is basically the remainder of the population. This is the class that contains the most amount of people that live in poverty. Society sadly looks down at the lower class which tends to make everything harder on them, like trying to find a job and being a...

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...mfortable with literacy; most students made an average of a C in the class. This could mean they have intentions to advance in literacy, yet they are not willing to complete procedures to advance them to a higher rank.
As you can see, the education one receives has a mass effect on the way they tend to learn literacy. This comes with the skills the educators have, the thought and encouragement they give to the students, and the great deal of practice going on. By saying all that, all social classes have their different types of educational systems and ways of literacy. Some may put the effort to strive in literacy and some may be a part of the high-school drop-out rate. Either way, there are many reasons social class defines someone’s capability to learn, from the amount of income a class may gain to the less extensive educational level another class may receive.

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