Aesthetics Of The Everyday : A Collection Of All Things Small And Mundane

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Aesthetics of the Everyday: A Collection of All Things Small and Mundane “Why do I bother to capture these tiny moments?” I ask myself looking back at photos consisting of a small army compiled from cups of coffee. From the first time I had access to a camera I have captured endless meals, outfits, beach days, and messy workspaces. The cultural phenomena surrounding these seemingly unimportant photographs has inspired me to explore the significance of capturing them. Together, my collection of mundane photographs contributes to a meshwork of media reflecting moments throughout my life. I will be focusing on the concept of photography in motion regarding the small lifespan each photograph has on social media as well as the process each photograph undergoes before, during, and after it is taken in order to understand the significance of taking photographs of the small and mundane. Aesthetics of the Everyday is a collection of photographs of cups of coffee, food, books, moments on transportation, etc. The project addresses the brisk transition of photography — from capturing for documentation as was done in the earliest days of film photography to capturing everyday aesthetics as a live, immediate practice. I am using vsco cam, an increasingly popular app used for sharing photographs of everyday aesthetics. Through vsco cam I am applying the same filter to all of my small, mundane photographs to create a consistent collection. I also provide a description for each photograph, reflecting on what I did before taking the photograph, what additional factors played into capturing the photograph, as well as what I proceeded to do after taking the photograph, to the best of my recollection. People sometimes appear in the photographs’ bac... ... middle of paper ... ...capture these tiny moments because they are significant for a number of reasons. They contribute to the ongoing conversation on my photo streams via social media. In this sense they are a part of my identity that I know well and allow others to see. They capture my life in motion: the meshwork of events in my lifetime. By viewing them I am given an opportunity to move forward in relation to them, even years later when I have changed in so many ways since the days that I captured some of these moments. They are not merely photographs of everyday aesthetics, each one tells a story regarding events in my life. They reflect on my tastes and interests at that time, some of which have not changed. My small and mundane photographs are a part of me because I brought them to life through influencing the process that each individual photograph underwent the day it was captured.

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